How Do We Help You?


Helping You Choose Your Pet’s Guardian

The unexpected happens and you aren’t able to care for your pet. You don’t have family or a friend who can give them a new home. We do the research and find a trusted animal care organization who can.

 Getting It All Organized And Documented

Help to get all the important information about your pet thoroughly documented for your pet’s caretakers plus an emergency pet alert system to ensure someone knows your pet is home alone and needs care.

 Making Sure Money Is Available For Your Pet’s Care

When you want to financially provide for your pet even after you’re gone, we develop a cost of care estimate and provide ideas for funding methods you may not have considered.

We Guide You Through It

Paws to Plan helps people who are committed to doing their best to provide for their pet. Consider their pet an integral part of their family and important enough to plan for their future, even if that may be hard to do. They understand a comprehensive plan can provide peace of mind, reduce uncertainties, and minimize the risk of their pet ending up homeless or worse.

A complete plan includes:

  • who will care for your pet
  • everything about your pet, their habits, and what keeps them happy and healthy
  • how much your pet’s care will cost and how it will be funded
  • twice yearly updates to keep up with changes

Maybe you have already completed the first step, congratulations! That’s the most important decision you will have to make and can be one of the most challenging pieces. Paws to Plan can help with any or all of the rest of your pet’s lifetime care plan.

What Paws to Plan Can Do For You

Depending on your needs, Paws to Plan can provide the following services:

Pet Guardian Identification Assistance

When you don’t have a trusted family member or friend to be there for your pet in an emergency or to care for them indefinitely should you be unable to, Paws to Plan will find a trusted animal care organization who can. We do the research for you allowing you to spend more time with your pet.  Click here for more information.

Personalized Pet Care Documentation

A detailed and comprehensive package of information about your pet’s health, foods they love and those to avoid, tips about their personality and habits, contact information for their temporary caretaker and their guardians, trustee information and a favorite pet sitter or boarding facility. We get the information organized making it easily accessible for you and your pet’s caretakers. Click here for more information.

Pet Care Financial Planning

Development of a cost of care estimate for your pet’s lifetime care with options for how to fund it for inclusion in your will or trust. This will help you to ensure your pet will be financially provided for the rest of their life. Click here for more information.

Regular Updates

Paws to Plan’s 6 month reviews are a good opportunity to check in and decide what if any changes would benefit your pet’s lifetime care plan. A guardian can move or your pet’s medications can change leaving your plan quickly out of date.

How You Can Get Started

Planning now can make all the difference for your pet’s future. Take the time now to get a plan developed and documented.

Contact Paws to Plan today and let’s talk about how we can work together and bring you peace of mind. A free 60 minute consultation can be scheduled by contacting Paws to Plan here.

An uncertain future may mean your dog lives with your daughter who works long hours and doesn’t have a backyard, because she can’t bear to give her mother’s cherished companion to a stranger. Or your senior kitty is taken to an overcrowded shelter with a high euthanasia rate because no one knew your friend in Arizona wanted to take her.  A small amount of your time now can mean a world of difference to your pet later. Click here to get in touch and get started.